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/ The Doors / Doors (1967) / Light My Fire guitar tab

From: (Glen Word)
Subject: CRD:Light My Fire (Doors)

           Light My Fire      The Doors

      INTRO:  G  D  F  A#
      C# G# A   <-----------------------Eb G#(Ab) A

      VERSE:  Am  F#m Am  F#m    <------ Am7 F#m7
      Am  F#m Am  F#m            <------  "    "

      CHORUS:  G  A  D  Dsus4  D <------ Dsus4 ? (not in song but sounds good
      G  A  D  B
      G  D  E  E7                <------ E7 not in Doors' version

      ENDING: F              C       D
             Try to set the night on fire

     Lead Portion Am Bm  (over and over)


                   And so on......

___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12

From: (Jason Todd Carter)
Subject: CRD: Light My Fire (Doors)

I didn't want to post a request without making a contribution, so here's
Light My Fire by the Doors:

INTRO:  G  D  F  A#
        C# G# A

VERSE:  Am  F#m Am  F#m
        Am  F#m Am  F#m

CHORUS:  G  A  D  Dsus4  D
         G  A  D  B
         G  D  E  E7

This is how I form the chords:

3x0033   G
xx0232   D
133211   F
x13331   A#
x46664   C#
466544   G#
x02220   A
x02210   Am
244222   F#m
xx0233   Dsus4
x24442   B
022100   E
020100   E7
J.T. Carter
" can't live without 'em, and they can't pee standing up."

{t:Light my fire}
{st:The Doors}

You [Dm7]know that it would be un[Bm7]true
you [Dm7]know that I would be a [Bm7]liar
[Dm7]if I was to say to [Bm7]you
[Dm7]girl, we couldn't get much [Bm7]higher

[C]Come on baby [D]light my [G]fire [Em]
[C]come on baby [D]light my [G]fire [Em]
[C]try to set the [G]night on [A] fire

The time to hesitate is through
no time to wallow in the mire
try now we can only loose
And our love become a funeral pyre

{c: chorus}

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1970 Morrison Hotel
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