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/ The Doors / Morrison Hotel (1970) / The Spy guitar tab

The Spy by the Doors of Morrision Hotel I do believe.

My friend Gerard showed me how to play most of this.
I sort of worked out the middle bit, which is why it's
probably wrong.
Anway enjoy, Paul.

Here is the main riff.

Intro/verse riff:

Play this over and over again.

Their is a small variation that is played once each verse,
work it out yourself.

"I know your deppest secret fear" bit
G  D  E                     A

Play the A chord a couple of times at the end.

I don't know how to play the outro exactly, just make it up as you go along 
and by playing in the same scale that the intro/verse riff is in.

Comments, corrections, blaa blaaa, sent to me,
Paul, my e-mail is

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