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/ Eels / Daisies Of The Galaxy (2000) / Grace Kelly Blues guitar tab

This is 'Grace Kelly Blues' from the new Eels album "Daisies of
the Galaxy"
I did it by ear so feel free to correct me for any corrections
or suggestions - Rogier Creemers

 (First - brass band)
acoustic: intro
F	C	Dm	Am 	Bb	C (2x)

    F	C	Dm    Am    Bb			C
The cut great mindwalking through the dirty streets
    F  C  Dm Am  Bb         C
Of Paris in the hot August heat
Bb		   C
Sun melts in the fake
F      Bb
Smile away
Bb		C		F     C   Dm  Am   Bb   C
Just looking for a place to stay

The actress gave up all her old dreams
And traded up, now she is a queen
Royal families dont have time
for that shit
Your crystall ball you keep it hid

The tractor trailer driver radios
Help me someone I'm out here on my own
Truck drives from the black
Night away
Praying for the light of day

Brass band
(do 3x F   C   Dm   Am   Bb   C) (last one slows down)

The kid in the mall works a hot dog on a stick
His head is a funny shape his heart is a brick
Taking your order he will
look away
He doesn't have a thing to say

But me I'm feeling pretty good as of now
I'm not so sure when I got here and how
sun melt in the fake
smile away
I think you know I'll be ok

repeat F    C    Dm    Am   Bb   C  (and fade)

For maximum effect- play around with chord inversions or another
chord form

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