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/ Eels / Daisies Of The Galaxy (2000) / Mr. E's Beautiful Blues guitar tab

Here's "Mr E's beautiful Blues", the advance single for "Daisies
of the Galaxy"
I did the tab by ear so feel free to contact me with any
corrections or suggestions

Intro: make all sorts of funny radio noises

(clean guitar)
G	C	D	C (2x)

	G	    C		 D	      C		G  C  D  C
The smokestack is spitting black soot into the sunny sky
      G		C		D	   C   	     G  C  D  C
The load on the road brings a tear to the Indian's eye
    G	     C		   D		    C	     G  C  D  C
The Elephant won't forget what it's like inside his cage
    G		  C	    D		C	G   C  D  C
The Ringmaster's Telecaster sings on an empty stage
    G		C	D	C

G	  C		D	C
God damn right it's a beautiful day  Ahah
G	  C		D	C
God damn right it's a beautiful day  Ahah


G   C   D   C

The girl with the curls and the sweet big ribbon in her hair
She's crawled out the window 'cause her daddy just don't care
(Come on!)


 G   C   D   C

The clown with the frown driving down to the sidewalk fair
Finger on the trigger I tell you he is quite a scare

G  C   D   C


 G  C   D   C

string solo

(distortion on)

 G  C   D   C (2x)

The kids fit their lids (?)  when their heads hear that crazy
Their neighbour digs the flavour still he's moving to another
 G	C	D       C
(spoken - and i don't believe he'll come back)



And I don't know how you're taking all the shit you see
You don't believe anyone but most of all openly agree

Refrain (2x)

G    C    D     C(repeat and fade)

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