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/ Eels / Daisies Of The Galaxy (2000) / Selective Memory guitar tab

eels - selective memory

During the verse:
E A (2x)
E C#m F#m B

During the chorus:
E F#m E/G# F#m

if i lay my head down 
i will see you in my dream
wearin that polka dot dress 
and sittin by the stream
leaning in to hear you
you will whisper in my ear
and everything i need to know 
i finally hear

i wish i could remember 
but my selective memory
won't let me

when i was a baby we would
to out to the park
and sit out in the fountain
and splash around until it's dark
days go on forever 
when you only know that much
and everything you need to know 
is answered with one touch

i wish i could remember 
but my selective memory
won't let me

Eels albums
2005 Blinking Lights and Other Revelations
2003 Shootenanny!
2001 Souljacker
2000 Daisies Of The Galaxy
1998 Electro-Shock Blues
1996 Beautiful Freak
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