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/ Eels / Daisies Of The Galaxy (2000) / Something Is Sacred guitar tab

eels - something is sacred

During the verse:
E D A G (2x)

During the chorus:
C G (2x)

takin a walk down to the mall
smellin piss and beer and gas
that could be me in a coupla' years
suckin fumes under the highway pass

on a rainy day
while i wear newspapers for pants 
and a tee shirt that says "damn i'm good"

people look funny when they cry 
'cause they just can't let it hide
typing into your little box 
press the cry button 
then it unlocks 

on a rainy day
no one has a thing to say
easier to look the other way

take a look in the killer's eyes
and you see there's nothin there
but something is sacred in your eyes
and something to believe 

on a rainy day
and as the world will blow to bits
i'll cradle you and hold you tight

Eels albums
2005 Blinking Lights and Other Revelations
2003 Shootenanny!
2001 Souljacker
2000 Daisies Of The Galaxy
1998 Electro-Shock Blues
1996 Beautiful Freak
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