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/ Elton John / Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (1975) / We All Fall in Love Sometimes guitar tab

We All Fall In Love Sometimes by Elton John



Gm          Cm
Wise men say, it looks like rain today

it crackled on the speakers

Gm                    Gm7               Eb
and trickled down the sleepy subway trains.

Cm                   D
For heavy eyes could hardly hold us,

Gm               Gm7          Eb
aching legs that often told us

                    D                       Gm    Cm     D
it's all worth it. We all fall in love sometimes.


The full moon's bright and starlight filled the evening.

We wrote it and I played it,

something happened it's so strange this feeling

naive notions that were childish,

simple tunes that tried to hide it,

but when it comes. We all fall in love sometimes.


G              Am                       C
Did we, didn't we, should we, couldn't we

                     E                 Am
I'm not sure 'cause sometimes we're so blind.

C                      D
Struggling through the day

                           C G C G
When even your best friend says

B         C   Am   D                       Gm
Don't you find,    we all fall in love sometimes.

SOLO is like the verse 1 starting in the 2nd chord and
withouth the 3 last chords, then it goes like verse 2:

And only passing time

Could kill the boredom we acquired

Running with the losers for a while

But our Empty Sky was filled with laughter

Just before the flood, painting worried faces with a smile

REPEAT VERSE 1 without the 3 last chords and go to:

G Am Bm C Bm Am D G

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