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/ Elton John / Songs from the West Coast (2001) / This Train Don't Stop There Anymore guitar tab

This Train Dont Stop There Anymore  - Elton John

Ab Eb/G Fm Ebm7 Db Db/Eb
Ab Eb/G Fm Ebm7 Db C9

You may not believe it

                          C/E  Dm     C/D  Dm7
But I dont believe in miracles anymore

And when I think about it

  Gm7/F               Em7b5          C11   C9
I dont believe I ever did for sure

All the tears Ive sung in songs

                     C/E  Dm             C/D    Dm11
All the purple prose you bought from me

Realitys just black and white

The sentimental things I'd write

Em7b5                      C11
Never meant a thing to me


I used to be the main express

Eb/G                   Fm
All steam and whistles heading west

Picking up my pain

From door to door

Riding on the storyline

Furnace burning overtime


    Db              Eb
But this train dont stop

Ab         Eb/G        Fm     Fm7/Eb
This train dont stop

Db              Eb                  Ab     Eb/G Fm Ebm7 Db C9
This train dont stop there anymore

Middle 8:

When I say that I dont care

Ab/C                       Bbm7
It really means my engines breaking down

The chisel chips my heart again

The granite cracks beneath my skin

     Bb              C11
Im crumbling to pieces on the ground

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