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"Queen Anne's Revenge"
by Flogging Molly

tabbed by Eric Bonkowski

  A5                C5    A5            G5   A5

A5      N.C.             C5 C5 A5
You can't see the demons
 N.C.                 G5  G5     A5
'Till the demons come calling for you
A5      N.C.                  C5 C5 A5
You're deaf to them screaming
 N.C.                  G5  G5     A5
'Till they're standing right behind you

A5                      C5 C5 A5
Blind to flames glowing
A5                    G5 G5  A5
'Till they're growing all around you
A5                     C5 C5
Numb to fangs gripping
A5                    G5 G5  A5
Until they're ripping into you

E5  G5
     Your miles from safe harbor
E5  G5
     Run, run, run, run, run away
E5  G5            C5                      D5
     The fire has reached (the) starboard

       A5                   C5 B5
On the Queen Anne's Revenge
A5                                   C5 B5
Skull and bones and a serpent's head
A5                          C5 B5
Are dancing with the madmen
On the Queen Anne's Revenge
        E5              G5           |INTRO|
Have a gargle with your demons and me


all power chords. the intro is played on the accordion
and the guitar plays the chords noted, that arrangement is
pretty accurate. mess around in the key of Am if it doesn't
sound right to you. the verses and chorus sound pretty good,
i'm not really too sure about the pre-chorus, though.

any questions?