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/ George Harrison / George Harrison (1979) / Faster guitar tab

George Harrison - Faster
Tabbed By: lock-jaw

Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E)

good simple song hope you like it

Faster by: George Harrison

Introduction: G to D, csus2

Chose a life in circuses
Jumped into the deepest end
Pushing himself to all extreme
G         A
Made it....  people became his friend.

Now they stood and noticed him
Wanted to be part of it
Pulled out some poor machinery
So he worked 'til the pieces fit.

Bm		      G7
The people were intrigued
His wife held back her fears
The headlines gave acclaim
He'd realized their dreams.

A              C            G
Faster than a bullet from a gun
       D          A    B7   G
He is faster than everyone
A		   C             G
Quicker than the blinking of an eye
         D              A             B7
Like a flash you could miss him going by
No one knows quite how he does it but it's true they say
          A               B7
He's the master of going faster.

         Now he moved into the space
         That the special people share
         Right on the edge of do or die for
         Where there is nothing left to spare.

          Still the crowds came pouring in
          Some had hoped to see him fail
          Filling their hearts with jealousies
          Crazy people with love so frail.

Repeat bridge

Repeat chorus

Bridge=    No need to wonder why
          His wife held back her fears
          So few have even tried
          To realize their dreams.

then repeat chrous

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