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/ Idlewild / The Remote Part (2002) / Out of Routine guitar tab

Hey, great song that no one seemed to have chords for....

Idlewild - Out Of Routine

A        C#m				B
Out of routine, the explanations you have
You're still loathe to give them
All because you've phrased it in a way
So the explanations you have
The words don't go away

E	           A	  C#m     A
If your heart gets in the way of what you wanted
E        A	     C#m     A
To deny everything I say is not uncommon
E	             A	         C#m
The only thing that's definitely forgotten
    A   	   E
Is what you wanted
    A                  C#m     A
And what you really needed

	  E	      B            A
But I can only try to know what I wanted
	  E	      B            A
I will only try to know what I want
	  E	      B            A          E
If I can only try to know what I wanted
     B            A
How can it be gone

Out of routine but it's not as bad as you think
It's only chance you're looking for
Still in routine and the explanations you have
The ideas go between


And it's already gone and nothing can take it back
It's already gone and nothing can take it from being gone

chords by Andrew Byrne

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