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Livingston's Gone to Texas
By: Jimmy Buffett

Intro: E

B7         E          B7                   E
Nothing is different, nothing's changed at all
D#m                  E      B7      A            E
Livingston's gone to Texas,    they say he had a ball

   A           G               D
   They say he learned to be a cowboy
   A           G                   D
   They say he learned to rope and ride
         Bm           G    A7                                   D
   But I wonder if he ever   thinks about the tears his woman cried

Now Holly, won't you let me
Try and make you smile
You loved him as if he were your husband
Now he'll be gone awhile

     Wrote he had to see the country
     On starry nights he wished you were there
     And so would show wherever he goes
     Deep inside you know he really cares

And nothin' is different, nothin's changed at all
Livingston's still in Texas
Snow's about to fall

Chord diagrams:    D#m - |xx4342|