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/ John Frusciante / Inside of Emptiness (2004) / Scratches guitar tab

			     Scratches-- John Frusciante
Tabbed by: Frusciante_5

this is a nice song from a cool album

Fmin               C#min
The scrathces of a dark night

Fmin          C#min
the rashes of foresight

        D5    Db5
and i wanted you hmm hmm

            (Just before the lyrics come in the Fmin chord does this)
Fmin   -----------------8-------------------------------------------|
       ---------------- 10-----------8------------------------------|

Fmin                     Eb
The weight of my freezing

Db               Fmin
I had come to you

Fmin                Eb
The face i was given

Db                     Fmin
I have no similarities to

The spaces in the law look

Ab    Db            B     Eb
Like the faces in a word book

C                 Fmin
I get by, I get by

(repeat intro)

(repeat first verse)

Fmin                             Eb
And i was screaming bloody murder

Db                     Fmin
I was the one with pain

Fmin                       Eb
And i stopped by the roadside

Db                     Fmin
This is from where came

Fmin          Eb           Db
My god but its so far away

Fmin            Eb                    Db
It would seem accidents have gone straight

To you

Db                        Fmin
And you change your point of view

Db                   Fmin
And the places your going to

Eb            Fmin
Got crowded, So crowded

Db                    Fmin
And im so glad that your mine

Db                   Fmin
It twists up the fabric of time

Eb                 Fmin
and im useless, im so useless

Fmin                     Eb
And your faces are bodies

Db                    Fmin
And your hands are feet

Fmin            Eb
Let me roll around

Db                 Fmin
In things i cant beleive

Fmim       C#min
But i tried

yes i tried

and i tried

you know i tried

There you go! :)

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