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/ John Frusciante / Shadows Collide With People (2004) / Time Goes Back guitar tab

Artist: John Frusciante
Title: Time Goes Back
Album: Shadows Collide With People

      C   D   G   Am  Dsus4

G - D Dsus4 - Am - C
G - D Dsus4 - Am - C

G                    D Dsus4           Am
These things'll go slowly by - these things
They'll be where no one would think
G                     D Dsus4
And when given this life
I ought've thanked you all
 Who will take it away

Am                     C
 I notice that you're fine
Am                     C
 Setting up beside wherever turns a blind eye

G            D Dsus4 Am
 Any solemn phase
And you belong to two times at once
G               D Dsus4
 My radio's my heart
We live as one
Two ways at once

Am                   C
 I know the waves I form
Am                  C
 I know the way I won't become

G - D Dsus4 - Am - C
G - D Dsus4 - Am - C

G                             D Dsus4
 These still places that are gone by
Believe (they're somewhere else)
Believe they're somebody else
   G                        D Dsus4
Jumping in the mind of a passerby
      Am                  C
And being replaced like times files

Am             C
 Another wasted flaw
Am                       C
 Going up against the endless law

G                    D Dsus4 Am -     C
 I'm flown through a mirror     -   almost disappearing
G         D Dsus4
 I glow faintly
         Am           C
You know - this is nobody's life

Am                 C
 I saw the days I lost
Am                 C
 Hiding behind tomorrow's costs

G - D Dsus4 - C - C
Time going back

G - D Dsus4 - Am - C


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