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/ John Frusciante / Shadows Collide With People (2004) / Wednesday's Song guitar tab

***Wednesday's Song***

Cm      8 x  10 8  8 x
Fmadd6  x 8  12 10 9 x
Bb7add2 6 x  8  7  9(8) c added in verse only
F-7sus2 x 8  10 8  8 x
Ab      4 6  6  5  4 x
Eb      x 6  8  8  8 x
Fm      x 8  10 10 9(8) c added in 2nd chorus
Cm/G    x 10 10 8  8 x
Db      x 4  6  6  6 x
F       x 8  7  5  6 x
Bbm     6 x  8  6  6 x

Cm  Fmadd6  Bb7add2  Cm  F-7sus2

Cm             Fm
You'll make it through the day

Bb7add2      Cm            F-7sus2 (with c)
See things another way and behold

Ab       Eb          Fm
Listen to Wednesday's song

Ab       Eb          Fm
This night you go home alone

B7              Cm
How the sane go upright

Cm/G           Fmsus2
How you look another night

You're back under my hat
And even knowing that you're a whore

Nothing ever meant more
Than switching rooms through a door
Out into another one
Frames flash inward
And you know...

Db        Ab     Eb      F  (arp)
You know, I have seen the world enough

Db        Ab     Eb      F  (arp)
I've drowned my thoughts a lot

Db        Ab     Eb      F(arp) Db
Deep in rains that swirl above

Db        Ab     Eb    Fm/Fsus2 (no root)
I canceled heaven I concede

(pickup notes are Eb  Bb B back into verse)

Another word to say
When everythings ok you down
And pulling up the slack
And never coming back
An alarm

Ringing to set the sun
No one ever becomes

What others thought they should've been
Inside they're what they can see

You know I do miss this girl
To show I am in a swirl of sun
Being what I've got
The joy

Db         Ab     Eb     Bbm
I canceled heaven I concede

Db         Ab     Eb     Bbm
Everything that I believe

Db         Ab     Eb     Fm/Fsus2 (no root)
I canceled heaven I concede

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