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/ Lenny Kravitz / Greatest Hits (2000) / Stand By My Woman guitar tab

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Intro: (G  D  C)  x2

G                D             C  G                    D         C
 There were times I wasn't kind    And there were times I wasn't even around
G                    D              C  G             D          C
 And there were times I made you cry    So many times I had to say goodbye
Bm                          C                     Em        D             C  D
  When you want to talk I'm on the phone But now baby I am here for you alone

             G    D     C        D
(I'm gonna stand by my woman now)  x2
                Em      D     C  D              G  D  C
'Cause I can't live my life alone without a home

G                D                C  G                    D            C
 There were times I didn't understand And there were times I wouldn't hold your hand
Bm                  C                   Em        D               C  D
  But baby now I'm here for you 'Cause baby I am so in love with you

(Coro)  hasta el final

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