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/ The Levellers / Green Blade Rising (2003) / Come On guitar tab

Come On. By the Levellers from the album Green Blade Rising (02)
Tabbed By Adzguitardude
Hi tabbers, This is my first tab,so go easy,ok!

F#M		D
It's an open invitation
BM		 A	  E
Everybody's free to come
F#M		     D
Try to solve the situation
BM			     A	    E
The four corners have been undone
F#M	        D
And it's no mystery
BM		   A	   E
Just a thin line in the sand
F#M		  D
Never fails to frighten me
BM		      A	      E
When you don't understand

F#M		         D
Come and share a smoke with me
B#M		A        E
We'll try to make a plan
F#M	     D
It's all so tense you see
BM		    A	    E
In every nation every land
F#M		D	  BM			A	     D
And it's no mystery man-made clouds block the sun
F#M		    D		   BM			        A	D
It never fails to frighten me that these things can't be undone

F#M		      D
Come on, Come on and see
BM		  A	   D
Come on and see the love

Now you hold your breath and wait
To see how it turns out in the end
I know it's hard to keep your patience
You know the message has been sent
And it's no mystery
Every nation
Every land
Open up your eyes and see
Before it all gets out of hand

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