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/ The Levellers / Levellers (1994) / Julie guitar tab

Member Name: the edge
Real Name: Alan Kells

Julie (Levellers)



[verse 1]

D                  G                                           D
Julie was a lonely girl                 Said she was born that way
                     G                  D                       G
She always felt that way                She left home at age sixteen
                                   D                          G
Got a job, what you're supposed to do   That's what you gotta do
D                            G                       D                        G
She fell in love and settled down       In a council place out on the edge of town

D          A                  G         D            A         G
She'd feel alone in a crowded room      Cry when she heard a happy tune

[verse 2]

D                        G                                  D
Well it would be nice to holiday        'Till they took her job away
                   G                    D                       G
They just took her life away            And doing nothing isn't fun when you've
                                        nothing from which to run
                               D                               G
Yeah, you've nowhere left to run        She'd visit the social every day
D                    G                        D              G
Every time be turned away               Every time be turned away

D          A                  G         D            A         G
She'd feel alone in a crowded room      Cry when she heard a happy tune

[bridge - maybe not in the right order..]


[verse 3]

  D                         G                                    D
A hundred stairs to her new room        Over glass and blackened spoons
                     G                  D                        G
Children grow old so soon               Past the kids who gather there
                        D                                 G
Pain masked by narcotic stares          But no-one really cares
D               A               G       D              A        G
Her dreams were cut up and bled dry     A million voices in her cry

A                D        G       A     D        G       A
Julie waits, her world is her window    And Julie hates just what she doesn't know
                 D         G       A    D         G       A
Julie hates, she hates the world below  But Julie loves, she loves too much to know...

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