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/ The Levellers / Zeitgeist (1995) / Fear guitar tab

Member Name: the edge
Real Name: Alan Kells

The Fear

|   Am   |  F  C  |

	Am           F    C
Do you wake up everyday
In a world that seems crazy
   G                 F
A world you love to hate
	 Am                        F    C
Are you scared do you feel pretty safe
Do you think you have nothing
	 G                  F
Do you think you've got it made

	     Dm                        Am
You know it feels like you're going insane
I've done everything you told me
    C             G
To take away the pain
	   Dm                   Am
Then you change my medication again
It's getting harder to tell
Just who or what's insane

	 Am                    F     C
Do your nightmares tear you apart
Do you wake up screaming
Shouting in the dark
     Am                 F     C
The deamons keep you awake
Does the clock tick more slowly
     G                 F
With every breath you take

      Am                      F     C
Does each day seem like the rest
You turn on the morning
	      G          F
Cause turning offs the best
	 Am                       F      C
Do you think that it will never change
Or does mass self delussion
 G                F
medal with your brain

You see I think I know the way
You've given me the power
By making me insane

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