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/ Live / Four Songs E.P. (1991) / Heaven Wore a Shirt guitar tab

Heaven Wore a Shirt
Am  C   Am  Asus4  Am   (or something like that)

Am   C
Suddenly she came
Like a come that comes and goes
With a sweetness in her eyes
And a ring between her nose

Walking down the beach
We saw a castle made of pain
We went inside, rings were exchanged
Heaven wore a shirt 
That said

I really, really, really love you
I really, really, really love you

Suddenly it came
Into my mind, not preconceived
A dream of many oceans
But not the god that i believe

But like a come that came and went
My mind just had to intercede
The need for repetition arose
Now heaven wore a shirt
That says

I really, really, really got to have you
I really, really, really got to have you

E|---------------------|   slide F7add9


]: F7add9  E  Ab A :[

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