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/ Lynyrd Skynyrd / Gimme Back My Bullets (1976) / Gimme Back My Bullets guitar tab

Song-Gimme Back My Bullets
Tuning-Half Step Down Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb


  life is so...

  well i`ve seen....

  and i`ve got...

  gimme back my...

  put em` back..

  (A5)          (C5)             (G5)
  ain`t fool-in round cause i`ve done had my fun
  (D5)          (C5) (G5)          (A5)
  ain`t gonna see  no more damage done


                   oh put em` back     we`ll get along

  guitar solo..             ~~~

  `i could not remember the rest part of solo
   because i have only the live record of it`

                    Gimme Back My Bullets
          (words&music:gary rossington and Ronnie van zant)

         life is so strange when it`s changing yes indeed
         well i`ve seen the hard times and the pressure has been on me
         but i keep on workin` like a workin` man do
         and i`ve got my act together,gonna walk all over you

         gime back my bullets
         put em` back where they belong
         aint foolin` round `cause i`ve done had my fun
         ain`t gonna see  no more damage  done
         (chorus) oh put em` back we`ll get along

         sweet talkin people done ran me outta town
         and i`ve drank enough whiskey to float a battle ship around
         but i`m leavin this game one step ahead you
         and you will not hear me cry cause i do not sing the blues
         been up an` down since i`ve turn seventeen
         well i`ve been on top and then it seems i lost the dream
         but ive got it back i`m feelin  better everyday
         tell all those pencil pushers better get outta my way
         gimme back my bullets....

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