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/ Michelle Branch / The Spirit Room (2001) / Everywhere guitar tab

Michelle Branch
Everywhere - The Spirit Room
Maverick Records

Standard tuning
Capo on 1st fret

the tab is spread out to roughly show the timing but the best way is to listen to the song for timing.
comments and corrections welcome!

Chords Used (relative to capo)
  Am Am* C C* D* D/F# G E/G# Bm Bm* E F

g-----2-0------0-0-0--0-0   2x

(do intro pattern)
Turn me inside out so i can see The part of you that's drifting over me
And when i wake you're       you're never there   But when i sleep
 you're      you're everywhere

(strum from here)
	       Am  C   G G
you're everywhere
Am	      C             G   G
Just tell me how i got this far
Am                C                 G    G
Tell me why you're here and who you are
		D/F#               G     G
Coz every time i look you're never there
		Am		D/F#	 G   G break
And every time i sleep you're always there

           F       C     G   G
Coz you're everywhere to me
		    F         C       G   G
and when i close my eyes it's you i see
                    F         C       G   G
you're everything i know that makes me believe
        Am    G
i'm not alone
G break
 i'm not alone

Am C G G

Am              C               G   G
I recognize the way you make me feel
Am                    C               G   G
I start to think that this may not be real
                   D/F#              G
I sense it now the water's getting deep
                   E/G#            Am
I try to wash the pain away from me
G       D/F# break
away from me


Am*  D/F#  G  E/G#         Am*   D/F#   G   E/G#
		I'm not alone                Whoah
Am* Bm* C* D* E
oh  oh  oh

Solo: *note:the solo is not relative to the capo. play as it is*
g-13/15~-13~-11/13~-14~ (2x)

E-1-----------3----3----  (repeat this throughout bridge)
And when i touch your hand it's then i understand
the beauty that's within it's now that we begin
you always light my way i hope there never comes a day

e  ----3-----3--
b  -----1-----1-
g  ---2-----0---
d  -------------
a  -------3-----
E  -1-----------
no matter where i go

e  --3-------3-
b  ---3------3-
g  -0--0-------
d  ------------
a  ------------
E  3---------3-
i always feel you so


	   F      C       G
Coz you're everywhere to me
G                    F          C         G
and when i catch my breath it's you i breathe
G                   F         C           G    G
you're everything i know that makes me believe
F   C     G
i'm not alone

e  ---------3-----3-------3----3---
b  ----------1------1------3-----3-
g  --------2-----0---0---0----0---0
d  --------------------------------
a  ------------3-------------------
E  ------1-------------3-----3-----
you're in everyone i see

e  ---------3-----3-------3-
b  ----------1------1-----3-
g  --------2-----0---0----0-
d  -----------------------0-
a  ------------3----------2-
E  ------1----------------3-
so tell me    do you see me

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