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/ Michelle Branch / The Spirit Room (2001) / Goodbye to You guitar tab

Michelle Branch - Goodbye To You
Tabbed By: Rob

Tuning:  EADGBe      Capo on 1st fret

Hey all...I have noticed that a lot of people want this tab,
So here it is....

Here are the chords used:

    G    C    D    Em    A

Intro:  C   D   G  Em


C   D                     G      Em C      D              G        Em
Of all the things I've believed in, I just want to get it over with
C              D          G              Em   A            Em
Tears form behind my eyes, but I do not cry, Counting the days that
C             C         D                  G          Em C
Pass me by.  I've been searching deep down in my soul.  Words that I'm
D             G                Em  C                D             G
Hearing are starting to get old.  It feels like I'm starting all over
Em      A               Em              C
Again, the last three years were just pretend...and I said..
G   D      Em C  C          G      D                Em  C  G
Goodbye to You, goodbye to everything, I thought I knew.  You were the
D       Em    A                   Em       C
One I loved, the one thing that I tried to hold onto...

The order is the same for every verse.

If you want the little interlude (after 2nd chorus), here it is:
 (slightly distorted)

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