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/ Motley Crue / New Tattoo (2000) / 1st Band on the Moon guitar tab

1st band on the moon
motley crue

/- slide up

d tuning- DAFCGD

intro- x4, play with a delay effect and distortion

i havent worked or been sent the rest of the song.
see if you can figure out anything through all that distortion

this was sent to me from- forrest redden (
email either one of us for questions

Motley Crue albums
2000 New Tattoo
1997 Generation Swine
1994 Mötley Crüe
1991 Decade of Decadence
1989 Dr. Feelgood
1987 Girls, Girls, Girls
1985 Theatre of Pain
1983 Shout at the Devil
1981 Too Fast for Love
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