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/ Muse / Hullabaloo Soundtrack (2002) / Map of Your Head guitar tab

Muse, Map Of Your Head.

Standard Tuning

This is such a cool song and you can find it
On the New Born single's 2nd CD along with a
Live version of Plug-In Baby (also cool).
I knew no-one would tab a measly B-side so i
Went ahead and did it for those of you who
Appreciate the non-album Muse songs like me.



  [A]                 [D]
|-----------------------------| (x2)

  [A]                [E]              [C]                [D]
|---------------------0---------------3-------------------------| (x1)

It's pretty much just messing around with the chords,
I simply did the way i sometimes play it but it really
Is best to just improvise and have some fun :)
And...i KNOW that the C chord is wrong, wrong, wrong
But it makes the closest sound to the actual chord used
And since i don't know what it is you'll have to use this
Or figure it out for yourself. Have fun.

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