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/ MxPx / Pokinatcha (1995) / One Way Window guitar tab

Here it is!
Song:  One Way Window
Artist:  MxPx
Album:  Pokinatcha

B, F#, D, B, F#, D  (repeat)
B, D, B, D, 
B, F#, D, E, D, C#,  (repeat)

there's barriers in my mind that I
think about all the time 
      D                   E          E, E, D, C#, B
and I know there's no way past them
B                             F#
I can never get away from the things that
people say well i guess
            E               E, E, D, C#, B
that's just part of it all

chorus:  play this - B, F#, D, E, D, C#

my one way window
where i can't hide my
one way window where i
can't see the other side

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