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/ MxPx / Way of the Buffalo, Vol. 2 (1998) / The Final Slowdance guitar tab

Song:	The Last Slowdance
Artist:	MxPx
Album:	Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo
Tab by:	Jamie Hayes

intro: Guitar: D....(ring on)
       bass:   D A F# G             (repeat)


A                                    D
You're taking all the space up in my head
With all the things that we could do and
G                   A
All the things that could be said
B                                D
It's hard for me to try and understand
    F#                           G
The way I feel about you and the way it 
        A                 D
Made me feel to hold your hand


     F#             B
Am I running out of time
        G      A        D
or am I at the starting line?
         F#                  B
I know I missed the mark yet I 
               G       A
Just need some sort of sign


   G                    A
My words don't come out easily 
   B               F#
so i will tell you honestly
no one wants to spend
 A        D
eternity alone


(repeat verse)


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