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/ Neil Young / Harvest Moon (1992) / Dreamin' Man guitar tab (James Zito)

Dreamin Man
Neil Young

/G    /Em   /C   /C   /
/G    /Em   /C   /C   /

/G                /Em                /C    /C   /
I'm a dreamin' man, Yes that's my problem
/G                /Em                /C    /C   /
I can't tell when I'm not being real.
/G                /Em                /C    /C   /
In the meadow dusk, I park my Aerostar
/G                /Em                /C    /C   /
With a loaded gun and sweet dreams of you.

I'll always be a dreamin man
I don't have to understand
/C             /D     /
I know it's alright

Repeat this instumental twice after each chorus:

Chord :G                   G
Notes :     B C  D  C B         A B  C B  A

Beat  :1 an 2 an 3 an 4 an 1 an 2 an 3 an 4 an 1 an 2 an 3 an 4

Chord :C      D            C      D            C      D

I see your curves and I feel your vibrations
You dress in black and white, your lost in the mall
I watch you disappear past "Club Med Vacations"
Another sleepless night a sun that won't fall


Now the night is gone, a new day is dawning.
And our homeless dreams go back to the street.
Another time or place, another civilization
would really make this life feel so complete


/G  /Em /C  /C                    /G  /Em /C  /C
Dreamin Man (he's got a problem)  Dreamin Man
/G  /Em /C  /C                    /G  /Em /C  /C
Dreamin Man (he's got a problem)  Dreamin Man

 try changing some of the Em to Em7, and C to C9 x32030

From: (JDLSCPash)

it is tune down to D
the crds are
G/ Em7/ CaddD/Csus2
G/F(as below)/C add D/C sus 2


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