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/ NOFX / Heavy Petting Zoo (1996) / Love Story guitar tab

Date: Fri, November 7 1997 
From: Peter Ferragine (
Group: NOFX
Album: Heavy Petting Zoo
Released: 1996 epitaph records
Track: 9
Title: love story

pm - palm mute

verse - just keeping playing it





then when it hits the fast part just play the verse faster with no pm


partly owned their house, wooden white picket fence
mother waits for father in a backless dress
never used a diaphragm, put back into its case
a one way trip down memory lane as she awaits
i don't wanna know, cheat me
children play in the yard, mother stares at the wall
father says he's gonna be back late so don't wait up
about a quarter to three, father stares at a wall
stained thicker than water, who's gonna clean it up?

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