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/ NOFX / I Heard They Suck Live!! (1995) / Life O' Riley guitar tab

Date: Tues, September 30 1997
From: Peter Ferragine (
Group: NOFX
Album: S & M Airlines
Released: 1989 epitaph records
Track: 8
Title: life o'riley

h - hammer on
p - pull off

intro - bass

verse - guitar 1                    guitar 2 - little riff during verse

|-3-3-3-3-3-3-| - play this         |------------|   
|-4-4-4-4-4-4-|   throughout        |-3h5p3---3--|
|-------------|   the song          |-------5----|
|-------------|   until chorus      |------------|
|-------------|                     |------------|
|-------------|                     |------------|

chorus - many different rhythms including palm mute, but these are the chords



i sit in my easy chair i've got so much time to spare
cause i know in my future days i'll have my lionshare
theres nothing i like better than getting something for nothing
then someone will tell you that you can't get nothing for free
obviously they don't know me
you can have your cake and eat it too
and there's plenty of free lunch for you
if you think you're getting cheated then you don't have a clue
you don't know where you are or what to do
i live the lifestyle they speak of so highly
i live the life... the life of riley

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