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/ NOFX / Punk in Drublic (1994) / The Brews guitar tab

Date: Thurs, October 30 1997
From: Peter Ferragine (
Group: NOFX
Album: Punk In Drublic
Released: 1994 epitaph records
Track: 8
Title: the brews





verse 2 - "we've got the might" 



friday night we'll be drinkin manashavitz, goin out to terrorize goyem
stompin shagitz, screwin schicksas as long as we're home by saturday mornin
cause hey! we're the brews sportin anti swastika tattoos oi! oi!
we're the boys, orthodox hesidic o.g. ois
orthopedic dr. martens good for waffle making kickin through the shins
reputation gained through intimidation pacifism no longer tradition
cause hey! we're the brews sportin anti swastika tattoos oi! oi! 
we're the brews the fairfax ghetto boys skinheaded brews
we've got the might psycho meshuganas, 
can't lose a fight and we are the chosen ones
chutspah driven, we battle then we feast 
we celebrate we separate our milkplates from our meat oi oi!
we're the brews, sportin anti swastika tattoos
we're the boys, orthodox hesidic o.g. ois

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