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/ NOFX / Ribbed (1991) / I Don't Want You Around guitar tab

Date: Sun, October 18 1997
From: Peter Ferragine (
Group: NOFX
Album: Ribbed
Released: 1991 epitaph records
Track: 13
Title: i don't want you around

h - hammer on
p - pull off

intro/verse - played over and over and over and OVER!!!!!







jenny, so many times i tried to get away, 
but you kept following me all over town
i'll display it, there's no way to say it, i don't just want you
i just don't want you around, i don't want you around 
you follow me around, it's really bringing me down, i don't want you around
when it was time to go i had nothing to say, don't you look at me
don't you look at me that way, "i love you" oh really? please go away
what gave you the idea? get it out of your head, you follow us around
we're not the greatful dead, i wanted to be friends but you wanted more
so, like i told you before, i don't want you around 

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