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/ NOFX / White Trash, Two Heebs & A Bean (1993) / She's Gone guitar tab

Date: Thurs, October 16 1997
From: Peter Ferragine (
Group: NOFX
Album: White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean
Released: 1992 epitaph records
Track: 12
Title: she's gone



distortion kicks in and...





|-7-----------------3--5--7-----|   play twice


a blackened wick is what remains, the flame was blown out just recently
although the candle hadn't burned down to the stick,
it won't be lit again the day won't be quite as bright
we don't know what she may have been, all we know is what she left behind
an apartment cluttered with children's toys, photos of good times
in the bedroom there's sheets on the windows, 
there's a four poster bed for a reason
on the floor there's a box full of secrets it won't be opened
here older boys and girls would play, all inhibitions were left behind
and as the door would close her face began to shine,
this was her finest hour this was her finest time
she's gone and it's not gonna be alright not for me 
she's gone and it's not gonna be alright not for me she's
gone but not forgotten she's still here
in all those years she touched so many lives
who's gonna watch that little girl she left behind?
carol anne stands alone in the schoolyard
all the other children have gone
after waiting for hours she can't understand
why her mother left herself
in the darkness she sees definition
in the silence she hears someone calling
after nightmares she lies in bed screaming but there's no reaction
there's no one listening there's no one there
she's gone and it's not gonna be alright, not for me she's gone

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