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/ Pennywise / Land of the Free? (2001) / Anyone Listening guitar tab

Band: Pennywise
Album: Land of the Free?
Song: "Anyone Listening," track 14

there are two different versions of the F  powerchord in this song, an octave apart from each other. They are played as follows:
f5= (x 8 10 10 x x), F5 (capital F) = (133xxx)

Intro Rhythm Guitar chords: A5, f5, C5, G5
Intro Lead riff:

Verses: A5, f5, C5, G5. Sometimes it's palm muted, but whether the chords are muted or allowed to ring, they're the same four chords.

Pre-Chorus ("You don't have to worry, he's not one of us yeah")=F5, G5

Chorus: A5, F5, G5

Post Chorus ("Don't care much you'd rather kill")= D5

Play intro
2nd verse is the same as the first
pre chorus
Bridge/interlude: f5, A5, f5, A5, f5, A5, f5, g5 (x 10 12 12 x x)
Chorus x2
End on A5

that's me at if you want the lyrics or a chart of the chords used in this song.

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