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/ Pink Floyd / The Final Cut (1983) / The Post War Dream guitar tab

Transcrption by:  Jouni A. Smed (
Pink Floyd

Bb  C  F  Bb/F  F  Bb  C  Bb/F  F

Bb/F    F                     Bb
Tell me true, tell me why was Jesus crucified?
C                   C7    F
Is it for this that daddy died?
Bb/F   F
Was it you? Was it me?
Did I watch too much T.V.?
          C                            F     Bb/F
Is that a hint of accusation in your eyes?

If it wasn't for the Nips
F7       Bb
Being so good at building ships,
    C                         C9       F
The yards would still be open on the Clyde.
And it can't be much fun for them
Beneath the rising sun
     C                         C7 F
With all their kids committing suicide.

             Bb                         F
What have we done, Maggie what have we done?
What have we done to England?

C         F                   A
Should we shout, should we scream,
      Bb       Bbm             F/C       Dm7
"What happened to the post war dream?"
Gm7           C7
Oh, Maggie,
       C7+          F        C  Bb  F
Maggie what have we done?

Updated:  April 7/98

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