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/ Pink Floyd / The Wall (1979) / Show Must Go On guitar tab

Transcription by:  ?

Pink Floyd

G  C  G  C  G  C

G      C                          G     C  G
Oooh Ma Oooh Pa, must the show go on ?
D    Bm6
Oooh Pa take me home
D    Bm6
Oooh Ma let me go
There must be some mistake, I didn't mean to let them
                                          G     C  G
Take away my soul, Am I too old is it too late ?
D      G  C
Oooh Ma   Oooh Pa
Where has the feeling gone?
D      G  C
Oooh Ma   Oooh Pa

Will I remember the songs?
D  G C                     Gsus/C  G
Oooh ah - The show must go on.

Updated:  April 10/98

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