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/ The Police / Outlandos d'Amour (1978) / Can't Stand Losing You guitar tab

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From: (Ameen Abu-Hanna)
If anybody's not familiar with the notations, he're the structure of the song:
Play first verse until the ":||", that means go to the "||:", and
play second verse (lyrics not included but starts with "see you've sent
my letters back..", but skip the "* first verse only" section and go directly
to "second verse and &". Play til you see "D. & al Coda" meaning go back to
the "&" sign, this would be "guess you'd call it suicide.." in the song, again
skip the "* first verse only" and go directly to "second verse and &" but this
time go to "Coda" at the measure annotated with "To Coda". Each measure is
by the way indicated by the "|" signs. Good luck, Ameen.

Can't Stand Losing You - Police (words and music by Sting)

Intro: |Dm Gm |Dm Gm| Dm Gm| Dm Gm

||: Dm        Am     | Gm                |
    Called you so many  times today and I

Dm             Am            | Gm                   |
guess it's all true what your  girl firends say that

Dm         Am           | Gm                  |
you don't  ever want to  see me again and your

Dm                   Am         | Gm                 |
brother's gonna kill me and he's  six  foot ten and I

Bb9|Bb9|C9|C9|Bb9|Bb9|C9  |C9    |

Dm                                |
guess this is our last goodbye and

                                          D.& al Coda
Dm                |Dm|Dm|Dm|Dm|Dm|Dm                  |
 you don't care so.....   ........on  your  head    I


Asus4     ||: C      |C|Asus4|Asus4|Bb|Bb   :||
               can't...           ........ I

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