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/ The Police / Synchronicity (1983) / Synchronicity II guitar tab

From (Chad English)
Subject: Re: TAB:  Synchronicity II - different
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 1994 16:28:28 GMT

In article (SDII-Grupo_sd021)
Synchronicity 2  -  The Police  from "Synchronicity" album
                    as played by Sting in Oslo (1994)
                    Transcription: Luis Ferreira


Then play it again 3 times singing "Yeee-ooo-ooo" ( you know what I mean :) )


( I play it strumming 8 times each chord )
( In every D Dsus2 part, alternate a few times between the two chords )

A          C#m7          D       Dsus2
Another suburban family morning.
A            C#m7             D    Dsus2
Grandmother screaming at the wall.
A           C#m7            D          Dsus2
We have to shout above the din of our Rice Crispies
A              C#m7        D   Dsus2
We can't hear anything at all.

A                  Bm7/11/nr B7/11/nr        Bm7/11/nr
Mother chants her litany of boredom and frustration,
A                    Bm7/11/nr    B7/11/nr  Bm7/11/nr
But we know all her suicides are fake.
 F/A        Dm6             F/A      Dm6
Daddy only stares into the distance
         F/A          Dm6              E
There's only so much more that he can take.

Esus4       Fmaj7          G6                    Fmaj7
Many miles away something crawls from the slime
        E              E?         E
At the bottom of a dark Scottish lake.

A          C#m7          D       Dsus2
Another industrial ugly morning
A                    C#m7           D   Dsus2
The factory belches filth into the sky.
A           C#m7                 D            Dsus2
He walks unhindered through the picket lines today,
A           C#m7            D    Dsus2
He doesn't think to wonder why.

A                Bm7/11/nr           B7/11/nr         Bm7/11/nr
The secretaries pout and preen like cheap tarts in a red light street,
A                Bm7/11/nr       B7/11/nr  Bm7/11/nr
But all he ever thinks to do is watch.
     F/A          Dm6                 F/A             Dm6
And every single meeting with his so-called superior
        F/A       Dm6                 E
Is a humiliating kick in the crotch.

Esus4       Fmaj7          G6                    Fmaj7
Many miles away something crawls to the surface
      E  E?         E
Of a dark Scottish lake.

( Play the intro again 4 times singing "Yeee-ooo-ooo" )

Another working day has ended.
Only the rush hour hell to face.
Packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes.
Contestants in a suicidal race.

Daddy grips the wheel and stares alone into the distance,
He knows that something somewhere has to break.
He sees the family home now looming in the headlights,
The pain upstairs that makes his eyeballs ache.

Esus4       Fmaj7          G6                 Fmaj7
Many miles away there's a shadow on the door
      E              E?
Of a cottage on the shore
      E  E?         E    E?  E??  E?  E  E?  E  E?  E+11
Of a dark Scottish lake

Chords used:

  A          002220           C#m7       042100
  D          x00232           Dsus2      x00230
  Bm7/11/nr  004230           B7/11/nr   004240   ( nr = NOROOT )
  F/A        x03211           Dm6        x00201
  Esus4      002200           Fmaj7      033210
  G6         320000           E          022100
  E?         033200           E??        044300
  E+11       012100

  The names of the chords might not be completely correct, but then again,
they're not completely wrong either :)
  Have fun!

|                          |  "You see a city in the desert lies             |
|       Luis Ferreira      |   The vanity of an ancient king                 |
|                          |   But the city lies on broken pieces            |
|   |   Where the wind howls and the vultures sing"   |
|                          |           Sting  -  The Soul Cages              |

I play it slightly different.  Opening riff is the same but riff into verse I us
E -----------------
B -----------------
G -------5-7-------
D ---7-7-----------   (or could use 2 2; 0 2 up a string)
A -----------------
E -----------------

For the verses I use the riff:
               PM........|   PM...........|

2nd part of verse

--7-7---7-7---7-7---7-7--  repeat

3rd part of verse
  PM.....|    PM..........|    PM..|
--0-0--------------0-0---------------  repeat


 lightly palm muted


I usually just bend 17 on the B string followed by sliding
the pick up and down the A and D strings for the solo break
back into the intro riff.

There is an extra 999/777 riff before the final chorus.

The outro riff I just play the chorus chords as full chords
--2---------3---------5---------3-  repeat and fade

This was from memory so I might have screwed a couple of
numbers up.  Hope this helps.


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