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/ The Ramones / Adios Amigos (1995) / Scattergun guitar tab

intro:  C# D#  G# G# G F D#    C# D# G#


B      F#   B      F#  B   F#      B    F#
Smooth bore Scattergun you are the only one
C#                                   B  B  A#
to cover me when I sleep to cover me in my dreams
G# F#   B      F#   B      F#  B          F#          B     F#
Carry a smooth bore scattergun steal from me there'll be no time to run
I got the bead on you she fires true take what you want
            B    B A#   G# F#
And I'll do what I have to do
B      F#   B      F#  B      F#  B      F#
Smooth bore Scattergun Scattergun Scattergun

Triple O bucks the only shot for me
Cut you right off at the knee
No need to bother the police
I've got my Mossberg 590

repeat intro

repeat verse

repeat intro twice      solo over the second time through

repeat verse

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