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/ The Ramones / Subterranean Jungle (1983) / Time Has Come Today guitar tab


[ D  C  G  D ] x2                                                                              H

 D         C       G  D                                                                        C
Time has come today                                                                            O
Young hearts can go their way                                                                  M
Can't put it off another day                                                                   P
I don't care what others say                                                                   L
They say we don't listen anyway                                                                E
Time has come today, hey                                                                       T

[ D  C  A ]                                                                                    R
The room has changed today                                                                     O
I have no place to stay                                                                        N
I'm thinking about the subway                                                                  E
My love has blown away                                                                         S
My tears have come and gone
Oh, Lord I got to run                                                                          G
I got no home                                                                                  U
No, I have no home                                                                             I
[ D  C  G  D ]                                                                                 R

Now the time has come                                                                          A
Nowhere to run                                                                                 B
Might get burned up by the sun
But I'll have my fun                                                                           C
I've been loved, pushed aside                                                                  O
I've been crushed by tumbling tide                                                             M
And my soul has been psychedelicized                                                           P
[ D  C  G  D ]                                                                                 A
   D       C     G  D                                                                          O
   Now the time has come                                                                       N
   There are things to realize
   Time has come today
   Time has come today

[ A  played by bass first and then by guitar ]

Now the time...

[ D  C  G  D ]

   Now the time...

   Time has come today
   Time has come today

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