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/ The Red Hot Chili Peppers / By The Way (2002) / I Could Die for You guitar tab

			     I Could Die For You - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Tabbed by Noleafclover6879----

This is a great song off a great, if not traditional Chili Peppers album. Have fun kids!

Chords used:
A   (002220)
Fm7 (242222)
C#  (446664)
Bm7 (797777)
E   (779997)
D   (557775)

And here is where you use them:

Intro: A, just strum it a bit

Verse 1:

Fm7                   C#
 Something inside the cards 

 I know is right 
 Don't want to live 
 Somebody elses life 
 This is what I want to be 
 And this is what I give to you 

 Because I get it free 
A                   Bm7
 She smiles while I do my time 

A        E       D
 I could die for you 
A        E      D
 Oh this life I choose 

Second verse, same as the first...

 I'm here to be your only go-between 
 To tell you of the sights 
 These eyes have seen 
 What I really want to do is 
 Turn it into motion 
 Beauty that I can't abuse 
 You know that I'd use my senses to 
 You can see that 
 It's only everywhere 
 I'd take it all and then 
 I'd find a way to share 
Bridge 1:
 Come along and go 
 Along with me 
 Wander with me yo 
 It's all for free 

Chorus 2
A        E       D 
 I could die for you 
 Whatchu wanna do 
A        E      D 
 Oh this life I choose 
Bridge 2:

 Come again and tell me 

 Where you want to go 
 What it means for me 

 To be with you alone 
 Close the door and 

 No one has to know 
Bm7     E
 How we are 

 Come along and go 
 Along with me 
 Wander with me yo 
 It's all for free 
 I could die for you 
 Whatchu want to do 
 Oh this life I choose
Thats pretty much it... corrections, anything, Id like to know about

also, go to for more band info, and for lyrics!!!

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