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/ Simon & Garfunkel / Sounds of Silence (1966) / I Am a Rock guitar tab

Simon and Garfunkel - I am a Rock

Standard tuning

Dm7: xx0211
Em7: 022030


e |---------0h1--0--0h1--0--0h1-0--------0h1--0--0h1--0--0h1-0--------|
B |---------1----1--1----1--1---1--------1----1--1----1--1---1--------|
G |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |-3--3-3------------------------3--3-3-----------------------3--3-3-|
E |-------------------------------------------------------------------|

e |------------------0h1--0--0h1--0--0h1--0---------------------------|
B |------------------1----1--1----1--1----1---------------------------|
G |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |----------3--3-3---------------------------3--3-3----3-------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  A winter's day                                        In a

e |--1--------1--------1----------------0h1--0--0h1--0--0h1--0--------|
B |--1--------1--------1----------------1----1--1----1--1----1--------|
G |--2--------2--------2----------------------------------------------|
D |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |-------3---------3-----3-3------3-3--------------------------3--3-3|
E |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
     Deep and dark        December

Mute strings, play one quarter note strum of Dm, then begin singing right when you go
into strumming. Chords are directly above corresponding syllables. Each chord changes
after two beats.

Dm      G7    F       C         (strum one measure)
I       am   aloo-o-o-one

Dm7            Em7
Gazing from my window,

Dm7              Em7
To the streets below,

       Dm              F                G
On the freshly fallen, silent shroud of snow.


F      C
I am a rock,

F       G7
I am an iiiiiis-

Bridge 1:

      C        F  C                      G  F  G  C
e |---0-----0--1--0--\----------------------------0-------------------|
B |---1-x4--1--1--1---}repeat all once---2--1--2--1-------------------|
G |------------------/-------------------0--2--0----------------------|
D |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------------------------|

To make it really sound like the real thing, strum the first eighth note beat of 'C'
instead of plucking it (but go straight into the next eighth note beat). Use the one
strum beat as one of the four repeated 'C' beats.

If you want to keep going with the rhythm guitar part, instead of plucking, just follow
the chord progression for the chorus and strum it the same as I tabbed it. It doesn't
sound as good that way, but you can if you want to.

For the rest of the verses, don't pluck the strings, follow the chord progression like so:

Verse 2:

        C         (strum two measures)
I built walls

  F                 C         (strum two measures)
A fortress deep and mighty

     Dm   G7  F   C      (strum one measure)
That none may penetrate.

  Dm7             Em7
I have no need of friendship,

Dm7               Em7
Friendship causes pain.

     Dm                F        G
It's laughter and it's loving I disdain.


Bridge 1:

Verse 3:

Don't talk of love;
But I've heard the word before;
It's sleeping in my memory.
I won't disturb the slumber
Of feelings that have died.
If I never loved I never would have cried.


Bridge 1:

Verse 4:

I have my books
And my poetry to protect me;
I am shielded in my armor,
Hiding in my room,
Safe within my womb.
I touch no on and no one touches me.


Bridge 2:

      C        F  C
e |---0-----0--1--0-0---|
B |---1-x4--1--1--1-1---|
G |---0-----0--2--0-0---|
D |---------------------|
A |---------------------|
E |---------------------|


      Dm7  G7       C
And a rock feels no pain    (strum two beats on C)

       Dm7    G7    C
And an island never cries

e |---------0h1--0--0h1--0--0h1-0--------0h1--0--0h1--0--0h1--0-------|
B |---------1----1--1----1--1---1--------1----1--1----1--1----1-------|
G |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |----3-3------------------------3--3-3------------------------3--3-3|
E |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
                                    (keep slowing down until end)

I'm sure this is 100% correct, I hope my notes helped.

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