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/ Smashing Pumpkins / Aeroplane Flies High (1996) / Jupiter's Lament guitar tab


Date: Sun, 05 Jan 1997 19:57:13 EST
From: Jeremy A Olmen 
Subject: CRD: "Jupiter's Lament" by Smashing Pumpkins

Jupiter's Lament by The Smashing Pumpkins off of the 
Tonight, Tonight Single.

    This is a great little song, very simple but it sounds great.
Comments, Questions, Complaints, Corrections, and anything
else: (Jeremy Olmen)

(Tuned 1/2 step down, big surprise)

Intro: G (with varying strumming speeds and strengths)

Gone long gone

blink and I'll be gone, gone gone

Leave this world of wrong

leave it far behind

    G                   C
and although my secrets gone

     G            D
I'll try to carry on
                                               * Ab|-0-0-0--
     G             C              G   *          Eb|-3-4-5--
If I must I'll get along, without you

gone long gone

leave this world of wrong, wrong wrong

beyond the pale beyond the dawn

flee these mortal bonds

       G                C
no one knows I can't be wrong

        G                 D
still I sing the same old songs

  G           C          G   *
I tried to be strong for you

why have you left me?

amongst the tall trees?

C                       D
I know I gave her all I had

and I tied her heart in ribbons

and I tied her heart in ribbons

C                                   D
and I tied her heart in ribbons and bows

and I'm gone

C          G
oh yes I'm gone

D       G            C
and I'm lost without you

        G           D
and I'm lost within you

        C        D
and I'm gone, so gone

long gone

------------------------------------------- - Jeremy Olmen

PS, This is my first transcription, so I would be very interested
in your opinions, criticisms (sp?) etc.

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