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/ Smashing Pumpkins / Aeroplane Flies High (1996) / The Bells guitar tab

The Bells
Words and Music by James Iha, Transcribed by Craig Newnes
Standard Tuning:  E A D G B E

Chord Fingerings:
     F      Gm      Bbsus2
E|   1      3       1
B|   1      3       1
G|   2      3       3
D|   3      5       3
A|   3      5       1
E|   1      3       x

Intro -|F  |
F                 Gm                   F     Bbsus2
Ooh the Bells are ringing out   what a sound
F                 Gm                   F     Bbsus2
Ooh the Bells are ringing out   what a sound
Bbsus2                      F
And I'm in love  And I'm in love
The joy of love  the coming of
F                   Gm
Jesus Jesus did you call my name
F          Gm
Never ever felt afraid
        F                  Gm              Bbsus2
Did you hold onto  did you make it thru    you
F                 Gm                F
Do  do do   do-do do-do  do  do-do  da da
F                 Gm                F
Do  do do   do-do do-do  do  do-do  da da
Bbsus2                         F
There's so much doubt in every heart
For all our faults we carry on
F              Gm
Jesus  Jesus   I ran away
  F                 Gm
I got so scared   I made  mistakes
       F                  Gm      Bbsus2
Will I hold onto   will I make it thru
F                 Gm                   F
Ooh the bells are ringing out   what a sound

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