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/ Stone Temple Pilots / Tiny Music (Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop) (1996) / Adhesive guitar tab

The verse...
1.My friend blue...    His family tree...
       A                E? 
a ||---5----------------4--------------------|
B ||---5----------------5--------------------|
G ||---6----------------4--------------------|
D ||---7----------------6--------------------|
A ||---7----------------7--------------------|
E ||---5----------------4--------------------|

The chorus...
  F#m                                                  A
1.   Grab the hate and drown it out, Grab the beat and drum it out, 
     it's all so confusing

The Bridge...(I'm not so sure!)

E             C                  D
Adhesive love Adhesive, Adhesive looooooooove

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1996 Tiny Music (Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop)
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