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/ The Stranglers / The Meninblack (1981) / Four Horsemen guitar tab

The Stranglers - Four Horsemen
Tabbed By: Reecy

Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E)

Transcription by: Richard Stanforth (
Date of Transcription: 3rd April 2002

This transcription and more is exclusive to and can be found at :-

(chords only at the minute)

intro: G C-Bb, G C-Bb

One reported, long ago
No one heard and laughed as though
Ab                      E
It twas some product of mad man's minds
Not clear enough to cure the blind
And in all the corners of the globe
E                              Bb      Bb7
They'll shield their eyes from shining robes

G C-Bb, G C-Bb

Defying science, all the laws
The like of them not seen before
Ab                          E
Their gifts much worse than the three kings
Rewriting future, changing thoughts
And all the battles that we fought
E                    Bb       Bb7
Are these the devil, are they four?

keyboard solo:

(5/4 time) (3/4 time) (4/4 time)
B          G#m        B  G#m  F#  E  F#  G#m
(5/4 time) (3/4 time) (4/4 time)
B          G#m        B  G#m

F# E (x3) F# G#m

F# E (x11, over the stop and start riff)

repeat F# E until fade

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