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The Stranglers - Ugly
Tabbed By: Reecy

Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E)

Transcription by: Richard Stanforth (
Date of Transcription: 2nd April 2002

This transcription and more is exclusive to and can be found at :-

intro: B A E A (x6)

             B   A E A
I could have read
        B     A E A
A poem called
   B    A  E A
         B   A  E A
To her instead
               B    A  E A
I live for the moment
         B    A  E A
It was a futile
        B   A   E A
Gesture anyway
      B   A  E A
I was here
            B   A  E A
And she was here
            B   A  E A
And being broad
            B   A  E A
Of mind and hips
            B   A  E A
We did the only
            B   A  E A
Thing possible

E D C#5/E D (x2)

E         D              C#5/E            D
I guess I shouldn't have strangled her to death but
E        D             C#5/E             D
I had to go to work and she had laced my coffee with
E   D  C#5/E D

E D C#5/E D (x8, keyboard solo enters 3rd time)

E    D      C#5/E         D
Normally, I wouldn't have minded
E         D         C#5/E     D
But I'm allergic to sulphuric acid
E     D  C#5/E     D
Besides, she had acne
E                 D
And if you've got acne
C#5/E     D           E  D           C#5/E   D
Well, I apologise for disliking it intensely
              E              D           C#5/E    D
But it's understandable that ugly people have got complexes
E         D      C#5/E     D           E              D     C#5/E  D
I mean it seems to me that ugly people don't have a chance

 E         D        C#5/E    D
D-----6-9---------------6-9-----------| <- play twice

E (N.C.)
  It's only the children or the fucking wealthy who tend be good looking!

B A E A (x2)

        B   A  E  A
An ugly fart
           B      A     E  A
Attracts a good looking
B            A      E    A
Chick if he's got money

(repeat the above three times)

repeat chords of B A E A (x17)

It's different for jews somehow
I'd like to see...a between...the two ugliest
People in the world...when I say ugly...I don't mean rough looking
I mean hideous...don't tell me that...aesthetics are...subjective you
Just know the truth...when you see it...whatever it is...


(guitar simply plays the root notes!)

A5 G5 D5 C5 (x4)

A5    G5  ... D5    C5
Mus - cle ... pow - er! (x4)

end on C5.