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/ Sublime / 40 Oz. to Freedom (1992) / New Thrash guitar tab

Artist: Sublime
Album: 40oz. to Freedom
Song: New Thrash
From: Justin Bortnicker

**normal tuning**    

Intro (Song starts on G(2))

D                           A
I got so much trouble on my mind,
                     F                            G 
That I feel like I'm always sleeping with the enemy
    D                     A
But I know the real world always gets the last word
           F                       G
And that's why you gotta kick reality.
         D            A
So don't tease me and try to say I should care.
  F                    G
I might as well go out for mine 

'cause everybody's going out for their's.


D|---------------------------------------| repeated 3x more

^ = bend note up to 10.  Also all notes shown as 10 are 10 because of
bending the string from the 8th fret a whole step. So you actually don't
go to the 10th fret.

Verse 2(Same as above Chord Progression  D-A-F-G)
So don't tell me about a fake drug war
Go cut education some more
The people will one day learn and rise
Cause not everyone is out to score.

BreakCrazy Drum solo

Verse 3(Same Chords)
People always ask me why people are all fucked up
At every corner liquor store.

Chords Used
   G(2) D  A   F  G

If you have any suggestions, corrections of comments, Mail Me and I'll do what
i can. Thanx.

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