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Artist: Switchfoot
Song: On Fire
Transcribed By: Jonathan Foreman

Hey everybody, I LOVE this song, and I've taken the time to chart this song
out in two keys, C is the real key, and G is my key. The reason I transposed
it is because in C it's almost impossible to sing! And if you can't sing, it
doesn't really mean anything. So, hopefully one of these keys will work for
you. by the way C is the key that Jon play on the DVD. Pleez Rate

     *C*                                       *G*

Chords needed:                            Chords needed:

C2     x32033                             G2     300233
G      320003                             D      xx0232
Am7    x02010                             Em7    020000
Fm     122111                             Cm     x32000

Verses:                                   Verses:
C2    G                                   G2    D
Am7   Fm  4x                              Em7   Cm   4x

Chorus 1                                  Chorus 1
C2    G   Am7   Fm                        G2    D   Em7  Cm
C2    G   C2                              G2    D   G2

Back to verse                             Back to verse

Chorus 2                                  Chorus 2
C2    G   Am7   Fm                        G2    D   Em7  Cm
C2    G   Am7   Fm                        G2    D   Em7  Cm
Am7   F#m                                 Em7   Cm

Back to verse pattern                     Back to verse pattern