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/ The Cure / Staring At The Sea (The Singles) (1986) / The Walk guitar tab

The Cure (Staring at the Sea - the Singles)

THE WALK - tabbed by ??? and David Larson 

here is the verse:
A    G   E       really simple, huh?

here is the chorus...still playing all octaves...

and now the neat part...that crazy melody 
it's actually played on keyboard or guitar,
but it sounds neat, so here it is:

e 8-10-12-10-8h10-7-5--5-5-5-3h5-3-0-
B -----------------------------------
G -----------------------------------

   A        G      E
I called you after midnight
Then ran until I burst
I passed the howling woman
And stood outside your door


Tabbed by David Larson

this part is played when robert isn't singing, like at 45 seconds into the
song, right after "....trouble in their dreams again......"


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